Sunday, August 6, 2017

LYKKE GIVEAWAY!!!!(yes, I am THAT excited)

Hello hello knitting peeps! My blogosophere absence is to be blamed on knitting and Instagram, but today I have something super special for you! Can you hear the words Lykke Giveaway? That's right! Today, I teamed up with Knitting Fever to present you this review and a GIVEAWAY of a long tips IC set of the HOTTEST NEW NEEDLES ON THE BLOCK!

Before I proceed, I have to note that these are similar to KnitPro/Knitters Price/Knitpicks line of needles and it seems fair to compare the two.

Shall we?

Kit Contents

Each set contains 12 pairs of interchangeable needle tips from US#4(3.5mm) to US#17(12mm)
Each set also contains:
- Two cords 60 cm / 24 in length
- Two cords 80 cm /32 in length
- One cord for 100 cm /40 in length
- Two connectors, two keys, and eight stoppers


This is a midway tip - not too sharp, not too long, not dull at all - I think it's just perfect for everyone's needs really. It's great for most lace stitches and it's not so sharp that it pierces your fingers(yes, I am looking at you, Chiaogoo!)
Here is the comparison photo of the tip, left to right: Knitpicks, Lykke, KnitPro/Knitters Pride


This is where this brand really shines! Seriously! This is solid birch wood, people! I love the natural wood grain, it's so immensely pleasing to the eye, not to mention that it doesn't interfere with all the colorful yarns on your needles. And it feels much smoother than KnitPro/Knitpicks. They feel more plasticky and Lykke manages to actually feel like a wooden needle despite being resin impregnated. A+++!


The cables seem to be identical to KnitPro/Knitters Pride black cables. They are flexible, look nice and have virtually no memory. They also have a life line, if you happen to use this feature. I rather like them...and, if you happen to have any KnitPro/Knitters Pride?knitPicks cables(regardless of color), you can get a tip or two and try before you splurge on a whole kit and I promise that you will love them! See previous point - the wood is just so nice on these!


The join of the tip to the cable is smooth and completely unnoticeable! Kudos to Lykke for that! That's pretty much all I have to say about that:)

Overall Impressions

This is a great set! If you're on the market for a wooden needle set, grab it - you won't regret it. By the way, it also comes in 3.5" tip set(wallet sized!). The only thing I wish it had is swivel - but then some people actually do not like this feature, so it's more of a preference thing and I won't hold it against Lykke. 9.5/10!


And now on to the exciting part! We are giving away this long tip kit (value of 125USD!) to one lucky winner!

Giveaway Rules:
This giveaway takes place on Instagram: visit us at @tricitiesknit to enter!
To enter:
- follow @tricitiesknit and @knittingfever
- like and comment on the original giveaway post and tag a friend
- Repost the original giveaway post
The giveaway runs till Sunday, August the 12th and we will pick a lucky winner randomly! Also, a friend tagged will get something little too:) from us here at TricitiesKnit podcast:)

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