Friday, April 15, 2016

Clover Takumi Combo set parts at work and....a GIVEAWAY!

Ever since my original Clover Takumi review, I have been wishing Clover made tips, cables and stoppers available separately and this last fall, ta da - my wish came true. In this post, I will be demonstrating you some of these parts at work, they are a great addition to an already awesome product and really allow you to have a truly custom set. The parts used in this set will be offered as a giveaway to one lucky winner!!! Ready? Set! Go!

In the last cool days of spring, I still wear hats so I thought it would be appropriate to make Cherry on Top by Elena Nodel, it's a quick worsted weight hat with simple but unique cables. But..lo and behold, my tips were used in a different hat project that never got finished. Fear not - new Clover stoppers to the rescue! The stoppers really expand your set because they allow you to use the tips on a different project while your first project "sleeps". They are also really useful when switch needle sizes in the middle of a project, which I will demonstrate later.

The hat uses US#3/3.25mm needles for the twisted rib, so I connected the tips to the 16" cable and started. I have to note, yet again, that these cables are very flexible but not floppy - just a perfect cable, if there ever was one! When you cast on, make sure your mug and markers match:) it really makes it extra special - I like to pause and admire the nice solid rib here - aaaaah!

My tips have been in use for 2 years so they are nice and smooth allowing the stitches to glide effortletssly; the join on this set is also superb, in fact I can't feel the join at all! And after trying just about every needle on the market, I don't say that lightly.

The body of the hat is worked on US#7/4.50mm needles, so after the rib was finished, I simply switched to larger tips, easy peasy! Then, I worked the hat as per pattern until the crown shaping. At this point, 16" cable would be too long so I chose to use the magic loop method to work on crown shaping. 40" cable is perfect for this purpose given its flexibility and because the tips are 4.25" long, which makes this set magic loop friendly.

Now that's where the stoppers really shine - to transfer the stitch to the 40" cable, I simply took it, attached the stopper on one end and tip on the other; repeated the process with the current 16" cable and started knitting with the 40" cable end in my right hand. When all the stitches were transferred, I put the other tip instead of the stopper and magic - no fuss, all the stitches are moved!

See some action shots below - I really like the look of these tools. As I mentioned in my earlier review, I prefer the white untreated bamboo. Something about it feels right, earthy, warm and clean and combined with Clover quality, you really can't go wrong!

So there you have it - Clover interchangeable Takumi Combo set parts in action! I must say, I am a bit sad to see this week come to an end - I had so much fun taking over Clover's Insta and telling everyone about my favorite tools! And now, for the exciting part to conclude my Instagram takeover - the GIVEAWAY!

Clover Needlecraft is graciously offering the parts used in making this hat to one lucky winner! But that's not all - you will also get a pattern for this hat courtesy of Elena Nodel aka Anadiomena for free!

The parts up for a giveaway are:

  • - US#3 and US#7 tips
  • - 16" and 40" cables
  • - 1 packages of stoppers
  • - 1 package of locking markers
  • - Cherry on Top pdf pattern

To qualify, simply make a post on your Instagram feed IG with a tag #aprilclovergiveaway mentioning the desire to win the giveaway; picturing and describing your favorite Clover product in use.

The giveaway challenge will start today, April 15th and end on Tuesday, April 19th. Only USA or Canada entries are eligible.

That's it folks!
I can't wait to see your favorite tools! Let's have some fun and maybe I will find out about some products I never knew existed!

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