Monday, February 15, 2016


I am back and I promise to blog more, I really do:) The last year was busy and tough for me and I decided to concentrate on just designing and kind of let that social media/blogging thing die. It's too bad and I'd like to change that! So today is the day!

Keep reading because there is a giveaway chance at the end:)

Today, I released a pattern that has been long time in the works, starting with an idea to the execution, testing and pattern writing, and I absolutely love the result. While this may not be everyone's cup of tea, I have always had a soft spot for asymmetry, especially used in kimono shape, and simple stockinette. Perfection! You know, those days when you want to stand out but don't feel like making all the fuss and wearing something uncomfortable? This top is for those days. That, and I really wanted to shake things up a bit. Knitting simple cardis and shawls is all good, but at the end I live for the unusual and the modern and the elegant.

Indecision can be purchased here

So, I promised a giveaway, and here it is - comment here about what your favorite things to knit is and I will pick a lucky person or two to get a copy of indecision for free!

Thank you and the giveaway is now over!
Congrats Trish and Rebecca!

Till next time!


9crafty11 said...

It is hard these days with all the social media sites to keep up with it all. Just be kind to yourself & don't feel the pressure to "must" do a blog post or post on instagram. Sometimes quality is better than quantity. Sometimes I can skip a blogger due over exposure. Lovely design you've done there!! I seem to always fall for a shawl, I have so many already but I love the process of choosing yarn, colors & making them. If I get to wear them it's a bonus!!

TrishKnits said...

Welcome back - I enjoy your posts so it's great to have you back. Another beautiful and totally original design! The outlines of eyelets are a perfectly understated embellishment. And that yarn is perfect for the sideways construction. I love making shawls and cardigans - the cozier the better. Currently I'm obsessing about hats - I love the instant gratification. But whatever I'm making I enjoy trying new yarns and learning challenging techniques. Two-colour brioche is on my list this year!

Rebecca said...

Wow this design is gorgeous! I've been looking for a kimono sleeve sweater to knit. I generally love knitting toe-up socks and seamless sweaters. :)

Bine said...

I love knitting pullovers.

Your new design is great because it's different from all other pullovers I collected in my library/ queue

Sonia said...

I'm mostly a shawl knitter, but love this sweater

TrishKnits said...

Oh thank you so much! You are so generous - my daughter is going to look gorgeous in this!