Friday, May 1, 2015


This is going to be a bit nostalgic and happy at the same time. 2 years ago, Elena from Colour Adventures gifted me three skeins of her merino light in a gorgeous colorway, Dusk.

The color resonated with me and I knew right away what it remind me off - my hometown of Saratov, located on the right bank of the largest river in Europe, Volga. Coincidentally, grey blue with a tinge of turquoise is actually my favorite color!

Our family, like many Soviet families had a small piece of land with a cabin 15 minutes away from the beach and that's where I used to spent my summers. I immigrated twice since then and much has changed. Many people who I spent my childhood with are now gone, but the memories of these times, the warmth of the earth on a 40C summer day, the dry grass, the praying mantises that jump in all directions when you make a step, will remain with me forever. Out of all these memories, the smell of the river and the endless sea of blue-grey stands out the most.

I have seen many places, seas, rivers and creeks but none compare to Volga.

Hence I present to you, my tribute, the Volga shawl/infinity loop hybrid. There is no cast on or bind off, no long rows. It's a fast paced knit with some mesh inserts to break up the stockinette.

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As I was working on the design, I suddenly realized that it was eerily similar to Saratov-Engels bridge, which until 1965 was the longest in Europe. Check this photo out:

It's funny how these things work....

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