Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How did we start?

I rarely write a personal story about my designs, but this one is really special to me. You see, I learned to knit back in 1985, when I was 7 years old and liked it right away. No "knitting didn't take on until 20 years later" stories for me, no sir. Not that there is anything wrong with that - I just took on right away. But as you know, life happens, college, partying, career, dating, you know ..life. I knitted briefly in highschool back in the 90's when baggy sweaters were all the rage, but that was pretty much it, until....one day, I had an idea in my head of a sweater that I wanted so badly I could taste it. I don't remember where or when (or if) I saw it, but I had to have it. So on that October Saturday morning in 2006, I took a bus to my local yarn store and the rest was history.

The first sweater I made though was not the one I had in mind, it was a kimono sweater that I still have and wear. The obsession sweater was made 2 months later with the yarn purchased (my first purchase from them!) at elann.com. The sweater was a milestone for more reasons that one, it's also when I learned to knit sleeves top down in the round after a tutorial found online. Through that tutorial, I also found ravelry, then in a dreaded beta stage and promptly signed up. New era has began!

But back to the sweater. Here it is, made flat, bottom up, with sleeves top down in the round. I was quite proud of myself!

Sadly, it got ruined 2 years later. Why am I telling you all this boring stuff? Well, I remade the sweater this summer with new elann.com wool, DK05, and new construction that I learned while making it (another milestone!). Here it is:
I added modern features such as twist rib cuffs and trim, and princess shaping in the back. It's knit top down seamlessly starting at the collar all the way down to the hem! The pattern can be purchased here.

But before you do that, come and post a story in my group how you started knitting! I would love to hear it, and in the end of the week I will pick two lucky people to win this pattern for free. Good luck!

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