Saturday, September 20, 2014

fitting the loopdigan

Over the last few months few people have knit this and I have stumbled across a common issue that I wanted to address because I want you guys to love your loopdigans and wear them! That's why we knit, right?

The design is knit sideways, so your back width is actually determined by the number of rows you knit. The back fit is the most important part of the design and I emphasized it in the pattern by saying that one has to measure the back at the armpit level but not mid armpit to mid armpit, just the back. Many people didn't understand what I meant and the answer is that I meant just that! As the diagram below shows:

See the red line? that's your measurement! The easiest way to take it would be to ask someone do it for you - because you really can't take it yourself properly. The crucial point here is to make sure your measuring tape does not go under your amrpit, because this will add inch or two to your back measurement and your loopdigan won't fit as intended, so....just measure the back. It's easier than it sounds.

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