Friday, February 28, 2014


When it rains, it pours!

I have had a busy year in terms of knitting and designing - which culminated in 2 more patterns being released this upcoming Monday. Woohoo! Can you tell I am excited?

First one is from Shibui, I have had lots of fun designing this and of course knitting it: the two yarns used together are a joy to work with and the design is quite unique since it combines various depth of chevrons. I am really excited to present no. 29!

And secondly, I am running my first MKAL ever! Come and join us for this adventure.

A bit about the shawl: it's a free-form, dainty, asymmetrical large shawl knit from top down. It uses an old Orenburg stitch and some modern design elements. I think it perfectly captures today's world of knitting, being an old craft which has evolved tonnes in the last 10 years! So many innovative patterns and concepts out there, it makes my head spin for one thing.

We have amazing prizes, the grand prize being any skein of yarn from Colour Adventures shop.

Here is taste of Colour Adventures

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