Monday, April 1, 2013


Quite an eventful day today so I simply had to make a blog entry...finally! First of all, Elann is featuring my v lace on their web site with the new shipment of lustrado! Quite exciting for someone like me...especially because V lace was of the reasons why I started knitting again after a 20 year hiatus. You see, I was always obsessed with bell sleeves and zigzags and since I couldn't find anything like that in the stores...well, I had to make it and the rest is history. The pattern was 2 years in the making and some days I didn't believe I would ever finish but in June 2012 it was released and garnered quite a bit of attention. So overall, I would consider it a success.

And last but not the least - new pattern release! Something squishy and bright - my spine cowl! Cables, Malabrigo - oh my! hope you like it.

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