Sunday, April 15, 2012

What is new and a free pattern

I haven't posted for awhile; the past few months have been pretty busy - both in my knitting life and in real life. But I have been pretty productive. V lace is finally in testing! I am pretty proud of it; I am also working on few other prototypes - not really sure which one will make it to be a pattern. Spring is here and so I re-vamped this blog a bit; it still needs work, but I view it as work in progress. As if I didn't have enough hobbies, I went out and acquired a knitting machine, Studio 321, from 1973. It came with the ribber and a bunch of old machine knitting mags full of men with strange haircuts. All good though:) oh yeah..and it'ss got punch cards. I feel like such a retro diva!

Last but not the least, I have released a free pattern - simple and fast to knit, feminine and cozy to wear. Foray Scarf can be downloaded here

After you have completed this little scarf, you will master short rows, that everyone seems to be so afraid of. Just give it a shot, it's easy.

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