Sunday, April 3, 2011

Damn wrists

I haven't done much knitting in the last month. All due to wrist pain. I feel trapped with all that stash in my house; everything reminds me of knitting. I can't even watch TV anymore because it...yes reminds me of knitting. This has truly been a hard month.

One thing that's gradually helping is ice dipping. But if I start knitting, the pain returns. At this point I am not even sure I will be able to knit anytime in the near future....I had so many projects in mind, this is truly driving me up the wall.

On the positive note, I have plenty of time to finish up that patten, XS size almost done!

I have been thinking about doing my nails but I have a headache today and not sure that smelling a nail polish is a good idea. Perhaps tomorrow:) I also got a bunch more nail polishes..and want to get even more summery bright colors!!! Can nail polish obsession really replace the yarn obsession?hmmmm

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