Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Poet Sleeves Pattern

gauge 4.5 st/inch

pick up 54 st around the armhole, do the top 18 short rowing as per top down method.

pick up one more stitch to hide the hole (55 st)

knit for 8 rows, decrease 2 st, repeat 3 more times (47 st), knit for 8 rows more
starting at the under armhole marker, k 8 st, R1 increase, repeat till end (5 more times). (53 st)
knit 5 rows even
on the 6th row, k13st, increase 1, repeat 2 more times, k14 st, increase 1 st (57st)
knit 5 rows
on the 6th row, k8 st, inc 1, repeat 5 more times, k 9 st, increase 1 (64st)
knit 10 rows
every 16th st, RLI - 4 times (68 st), knit 3 rows,
next row, decrease 4 st evenly (64st)
knit 2 rows
decrease 8 st evenly (56st), knit 1 row
decrease 8 st evenly (48st), knit 1 row
decrease 12 st evenly(36st), knit 2 rows
knit 2 rows garter stitch, bind off


Darien said...

You ever get like really far and then realized you missed a loop or something and then have to undo everything back to that point?

SweaterFreak said...

no, not really. it does happen though that it's too small or too big, and THEN i have to go back....