Sunday, June 1, 2008

Stargazer DONE

I finished it few weeks ago and oh what a relief!! It just seemed to go on and on....of course it didn't help that I replaced a rib with stockinette...I never seem to just go with the pattern.

Anyways, the modifications are easy. When you put the two sleeves together (i did the sleeves first and then the body), measure your hips, then measure the just below your breasts circumference (for the lack of the better word).

Pick up stitches evenly across under the breasts circumference and place two markers (one marker under each armpit). Then increase evenly along the length between your breasts and hips. Sorry if this sounds confusing. It super easy in practice. For the sake of look, I ended with 6 rows of moss stitch.


Patrizia said...

I adore your version of Stargazer - beautiful job.

SweaterFreak said...

Thank you Patrizia!